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TriZen is a Business Consulting and Leadership Development Company. We provide consulting, training, and leadership development services designed to help companies and individuals maximize potential.

Core Services

Leadership Development

We develop High Impact and High Performing leaders. Our training programs and workshops are designed to develop and retain talent.

Youth Leadership Development

Our highly-interactive programs are designed to help motivate, enlighten and inspire students to reach their full potential.

Diversity, Equity And Inclusion

TriZen provides meaningful, engaging and impactful Diversity, Equity and Inclusion training and consulting to organizations and non-profits.

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At TriZen, we’re committed to empowering companies and individuals to unlock their full potential. Our expert team offers a comprehensive range of consulting, training, and leadership development services meticulously crafted to drive your success. Whether you’re a thriving business looking to enhance operations or an aspiring leader seeking personal growth, TriZen is here to guide you on your journey to excellence. Explore the possibilities, set your sights high, and embark on a transformative experience with us. Your success story starts now.

Trizen’s Impact

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Success Stories

“Participating in this program was a valuable experience for me and I am grateful for those I met and reconnect with. I still have and will continue to keep my personal brand word cloud as my computer desktop image as a constant reminder of my strengths and opportunities.”

ULF – IBC Participant, ULF 2023

“I really enjoyed the Urban Leadership Forum and learned a lot about myself and what I need to do to get to the next level, not just in my career, but in life. Thanks to Tomeka, Greg, and Sherry, and anyone behind the scenes who made the program a success!”

ULF 2023 Participant, Marcia Ransom, MIM, IBC

"The Urban Leadership Forum has been a wonderful experience for me! I am glad that I was given the opportunity and time to capture the full experience. I would like to thank Tomeka, Greg and Urban League of Philadelphia for this dynamic program. I am truly thankful for this program for so many reasons, thankful for the extraordinary guest speakers that shared their stories, mastermind groups where I was able to talk, learn and enhanced my leadership skills, and for the incredible opportunity to present to the future generation at the Youth Empowerment Day. There is so much, I have taken from this program it has truly changed me and helped me to unlock my personal brand and full potential."

ULF 2023 Participant, Dee Washington, TD Bank

"It has been a great experience listening to all the speakers, facilitators and each of the participants, sharing experiences, thoughts and perspectives. Thank you Tomeka and Greg for putting this program together. I was impressed with the diversity of our backgrounds (professional and personal), thoughts and perspectives, yet united in the goal of elevating ourselves and the communities we belong to. As we aspire to be transformational leaders, I was struck by how much we learned by simply listening to each other."

ULF 2023 Participant, Selva Sukumar, CSL Behring

"The Urban Leadership Forum (ULF) has been a tremendous asset in helping me grow professionally. Through ULF, I have gained a wealth of knowledge and have been connected with incredible colleagues who have elevated my career and pushed me to challenge myself. My involvement in the ULF program has led me to volunteer in my own community. In addition, through the ULF program, I have met an invaluable mastermind group, which has become a major support system and resource for me. I am extremely thankful for the guidance and growth that the Urban Leadership Forum has brought into my life."

ULF 2023 Participant, Marshetta Ragsdale, TD Bank

"The Urban Leadership Forum experience takes the participant on a journey that ends at a new beginning. And each session is the fastest three hours EVER! 😊"

ULF 2023 Participant, Roxanne McCain, TD Bank

"This leadership development program has helped me dial into understanding myself; my passions and purpose. As a result, I've been able to shift my focus to being more strategic and proactive across various aspects of my performance. Thank you for challenging us and providing a safe space to learn and experiment as we continue to grow as leaders in our organizations and communities."

ULF 2023 Participant, Tashanna J. Waymon, TD Bank

"My experience in the Urban Leadership Forum has been one of the best of my professional career. The lessons learned and relationships built have made me a better father, husband, and leader."

ULF 2023 Participant, Charlie Tombasco, Comcast

Current and Former Clients/Partners