TriZen’s Business Consulting services focuses on Strategic Development,  Financial Management, and Operational Performance  – supporting the private and public sector.

  • Growth & Strategic Development

    We help business owners assess their organization’s fit within the marketplace and then decide what actions the organization must take to achieve its goals:

    Business Strategy Alignment, Growth Strategy Management, Organizational Assessment, Strategy Planning Process Assessment

  • Financial Management

    We help business owners improve their ability to organize, integrate and analyze financial results necessary to stay profitable and increase return on investments:

    Management Reporting Improvement, Regulatory Compliance and Reporting, Systems and Process Assurance, Financial Statement and Analysis, Financial Accounting

  • Operational Performance

    We help business owners link their organizational strategy with the proper strategy to produce sustainable, profitable returns:

    Customer Relationship Management, Marketing Strategy and Branding, Purchasing and Supply Management, Performance and Workforce Development

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