Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Training Programs

Our Training Approach

We design and deliver customized evidence-based training and consulting in a highly collaborative format that engages and informs all participants.

Training Outcomes for Leaders

Be committed to creating and maintaining a diverse and inclusive culture within your organization.

Know and understand the elements to fostering a positive culture within your organization.

Do the work needed to be a Leader who understands, embraces and creates a diverse and inclusive organization.

Training and Development Offerings

Diversity and Inclusion: What it is / What it isn’t

Laying the foundation for diversity and inclusion is important to ensure all employees have a consistent understanding of diversity beyond race and gender and begin to become more self-aware of their own diversity dimensions and profile and recognize and respect the diversity of others.

What’s Your Role in creating a Diverse, Equitable and Inclusive Culture: Accomplice, Ally, Advocate?

Understanding how your actions, words and intentions directly contribute to the culture of your team, department and organization is critical. This workshop will focus on assisting employees to actively foster a positive, inclusive and equitable work culture by reinforcing the diversity and inclusion concepts and actions.

Courageous Conversations

Having the difficult conversations about diversity, equity and inclusion is the only option to ensure understanding, empathy and self-awareness among employees. Creating a safe, comfortable and supportive space to encourage honest and open dialogue and an exchange of ideas is critical to moving the needle on employee relations and team dynamics.

Customer Relations in a Diverse World

Today’s front line employees must have an appreciation and understanding of interacting and servicing customers with diverse backgrounds, needs and opinions. Additionally, it is important to provide the employees tools, techniques and strategies for responding productively when faced with microaggressions, insensitive comments and actions.

Racism in America

This workshop features a video vignette highlighting the macro-economic and legal policies that have contributed to the current racial landscape. An after video debrief will allow attendees to discuss their reactions and better understand how policies, procedures and practices impact the treatment of others and fostering of a corporate culture.

Privilege and Power

The realization that we all have varying forms of privilege and corresponding power is an important concept in creating an equitable and inclusive culture. This workshop will present thought-provoking scenarios that illustrate privilege and power followed by a group discussion.

Leading in a Diverse World

Today’s leaders must have an appreciation for valuing differences and highlighting diversity as they build and motivate high performing teams. This workshop helps leaders identify the diversity profile of their team and create a strategy to expand the team diversity and inclusion strategy.

Unconscious Bias and Intersectionality

This workshop focuses on helping participants identify their implicit biases and the impact of this thinking and corresponding actions on relationships, career success and leadership ability.

Emotional Intelligence (EI)

This workshop emphasizes the practical application of EI concepts rather than just focusing on theory. Participants will learn and practice the Emotional Intelligence skills that are the core of achieving personal awareness, connecting with others, managing stress, engaging healthy conflict and collaboration, and exhibiting resilience and optimism.

Personal Branding

Everyone has a personal brand whether you choose to work on it or not - it exists. This personal brand workshop will expose participants to what a personal brand is, the benefits of developing a positive personal brand and how it works. Additionally, the workshop will allow participants to examine and assess their current personal brand and determine next steps.

Networking and Relationships: Achieving extraordinary personal and professional success virtually

To some, networking means simply meeting or calling someone for what might be a one-off discussion or event. In this limited sense, networking is only a trading relationship in which two parties seek to discover whether they have anything of mutual interest to talk about. In this workshop participants will not only learn that networking has a much wider definition but also understand that it is a critical skill and one of the vital elements of personal and professional success!

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