Leadership Development

Coaching Program

What if your organization could maximize the value and consistency of its leadership without sacrificing unnecessary time and resources?

Trizen Delivers

Imagine the strategic implications and the overall improvements in performance, productivity and profitability. TriZen LLC has the experience, the coaches and the processes to do just that: affect the long-term behavioral change of your leaders.

TriZen delivers world-class coaching where each personal engagement is founded on a consistent set of tools, models and accountability measures, transforming one-on-one development into a systemic process for organization-wide success.

Our Process


The coach promotes reflection & self-awareness of a leader’s skills, behaviors & ambitions, thus; forming a solid foundation for development.


The client is pushed to focus on development efforts & craft a plan of action to enhance the key skills/ behaviors critical to performance.


The coach cultivates enthusiasm, purpose & commitment around action plans and the fulfillment of business oriented objectives.


Additional feedback, guidance & support are offered to help the client follow-through and reach developmental goals.


We deliver focused, relevant & impactful coaching to strengthen abilities at the mid to senior level.


Our team coaches specialize in establishing alignment & unity of purpose among group members.

Specialized Guidance

Receive targeted coaching sessions that focus on specific growth areas, including: executive presence, performance execution, leading change, and influencing others.


Individual Assessments

Take advantage of behavioral, cognitive, 360 and/or personality assessments; our coaches are certified to administer many types of assessment instruments.

Team Diagnostics

Gather unbiased feedback on a team’s performance and interpersonal dynamics.


Keep leaders on track & validate progress with follow-up coaching sessions, assessments & facilitated manager/stakeholder feedback.

Program Perks

Gain the benefits of individualized leadership development, build leaders with the greatest impact on business results, standardize coaching to enhance efficiency/success and establish accountability and outcome measures that deliver results.

Authentic Leadership

Well-developed self-awareness


Meaningful communication that connects with people

Value Creation

Passion and inspiration to serve self, team, organization and community