Diamond Ray

Youth Program Coordinator

Diamond was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA.

She currently serves as TriZen’s Youth Program Coordinator and is committed to fostering transformational curriculum by constructing interactive environments that encourage experiential learning.

Diamond graduated from Bryn Mawr College Cum Laude earning a Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics with a Spanish minor. While there she solidified her enthusiasm for leadership development and adapted it to meet the needs of her community. Diamond became the student government representative to the college’s Pensby Center for Community Development and Inclusion. She then served as a Community Diversity Assistant on campus as well as the Head Student Resource at the Tri-College Identity, Equity, and Social Justice Institute.

She then combined her commitment to social justice with her academic training in Linguistics and participated in a language documentation project funded by the National Science Foundation and the National Geographic Society in Oaxcaca, Mexico. While there, she worked with members of the Zapotec community to publish the first Zapotec talking dictionaries.  In conjunction, she facilitated a poetry workshop with high school students at the Cetis Tlacolula Brothers secondary school in Tlacolula De Matamoros to empower and encourage the youth to use their native language as a means of combating the linguistic discrimination they are systematically subjected to.

Prior to TriZen, Diamond worked as a Dean at the Sadie Nash Leadership Project’s Summer Institute where she supported young women aged 12 to 17 with workshops on subjects of leadership development, Black women’s liberation, and linguistic code switching.  Having volunteered during several of her study abroad programs ranging from Ecuador, Greece and South Africa, Diamond is most passionate about collaborative self-improvement and continually illustrates the significance of radical self-care, financial literacy, and self-efficacy to underserved communities in her workshops.