76% of employees listed opportunities for career growth as one of their top three non-financial motivators.

Workshops & Seminars

Well-trained employees are the key to business success. Studies have shown that the most successful employees are those who have received extensive training. They’re the cream of the crop, often having the strongest stake in the company’s future.

TriZen, LLC has the experience and processes to affect the long-term behavioral change of your employees. TriZen delivers world-class workshops and seminars that are customizable to your organization’s requirements and the ever-changing business environment.

Workshop Focuses

  • Be Empowered

    Empowered employees are productive employees.  Our approach allows for employees to gain knowledge of the competencies required for success and personal insight of what truly matters to them.  Employees will discover breakthrough leadership communication techniques for driving business value and becoming a more powerful leader.

    Workshop Topics: Self-Awareness, Emotional and Social Intelligence, Managing your Personal Brand, Corporate Communication Skills

  • Be Ready

    Prepared employees are poised to seize every opportunity. Our approach allows for employees to become change masters who encourage innovative thought and behavior as well as set the right vision for their team, department and organization. Employees will learn how to plan for a successful future and align their team to achieve heightened performance and increased bottom-line results.

    Workshop Topics: Strategic Leadership, Change Management, Diversity – Beyond Race and Gender, Globalization

  • Be Engaged

    Engaged employees are driven to success. Our approach allows for employees to build a leadership style that creates trust and sets a clear vision to drive their team toward greater performance and profit. Employees will gain insight into key leadership skills and techniques needed to create a winning strategy.

    Workshop Topics: Goal Setting, Team Building, and Networking – Building and Nurturing an Internal and External Network

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